Exhibition project Trees Grow from the Sky by Rony Plesl

November 8, 2021

Venice Biennale, Collateral Event, April 23– November 27, 2022

Curated by Lucie Drdova (collaboration on the project since January 2021)


Rony Plesl ranks among the world’s most respected artists in the field of glass sculpture. His unique oeuvre grows out of his deep knowledge of quality glassmaking and technologies he was able to employ in his original designs and primarily in his art. The realization of his Venice project is a world premiere of a globally unique glass melting technology which allows the creation of a glass sculpture without any limitations; which has been historically impossible up to now. This phenomenon will be introduced by a prominent Czech artist and bearer of the legacy of renowned Czech glassmakers and artists working in this medium at the world’s key platform for contemporary art.

The artistic concept of Rony Plesl’s Venice project gives rise to the largest glass sculpture – site specific installation in the world. This unique act will be amplified by the significance of the very event, La Biennale di Venezia, which is an essential indicator of the development and presentation of the leading artists of today and the urgent topics in the field of visual arts on a global level.